【Notice】If you are experiencing sexual harassment, sexual bullying or sexual assault, you may contact Gender Equity Education Committee to submit a complaint.

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

If you are experiencing any of the following incidents, you may contact Gender Equity Education Committee to submit your complaint.

A. Sexual assault: any sexual offense defined by the Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act.

B. Sexual harassment: cases described by the following and do not constitute as sexual assault.

a) Unwelcome remarks or conduct that carry explicitly or implicitly a sexual or gender discriminating connotation and thereby adversely affect the others’ dignity, or the opportunity or performance of the others’ learning or work.

b) Using sex or gender-related behavior as a condition for themselves or others to obtain, lose, or undermine their right to learn or work.

C. Sexual bullying: refers to when someone ridicules, attacks, or threatens others based on their gender traits, gender characteristics, sexual orientation, or gender identity, using verbal, physical, or other forms of violence, and that conduct is not categorized as sexual harassment.

Contact Information:


Gender Equity Education Committee

Campus Security Center

Contact Person

Emma Lai

Cheng-Ho Huang








If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Gender Equity Education Committee.



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