【Office of Global Engagement】Oncolytic Viral Agents as Immunotherapeutics

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Cancer immunotherapy, the breakthrough of the year 2013′-as heralded by the journal Science, represnts one of the most promising modern-age modalities for the treatment of cancer. Immunotherapies aim to re-educate the immune system to recognize, attack, and eliminate cancer cells.  Immunotherapy-induced anti-cancer immune responses not only eliminate existing cancer cells but also maintain active surveillance against future cancer relapse. Indeed, there anti-cancer immunotherapies are believed to be the key to achieving long-term cancer-free human health.

Dr. Shashi Gujar’s research portfolio aims to develop novel interventions that simultaneously target cancer cells, thwart immune checkpoints and promote long-term anti-tumor immunity. His laboratory has brought together complementary expertise in the fields of MHC ligandome discovery, oncolytic virus-induced immunotherapies, autophagic as well as immunogenic cell death to achieve these goals, and is focused on the discovery of novel cancer immunotherapeutic modalities including using oncolytic viruses that specifically target cancer cells. Dr. Gujar’s research endeavor is based on the strong belief that these cutting-edge cancer immunology research and development efforts bear great potential, and most importantly, promise to produce the next generation of cancer immunotherapy options that can be easily translated into clinical settings.

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Dr. Shashi Gujar is an assistant professor and research scientist in the Department of Pathology and the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at Dalhousie University. He is also the Head of the Laboratory for Cancer Metabolism, Cell Biology & Immunotherapies. Dr. Gujar’s research program focuses on molecular and immunological aspects of human health, with a special focus on cancer immunotherapies. His multi-disciplinary interests include Oncolytic viruses, Immunology and immunotherapies, Epitope discovery, Cellular biology and metabolism, Applied immunomics and Proteo-immuno-metabolomics. Dr. Gujar’s laboratory has developed cutting-edge technology platforms that leverage the latest developments in the areas of immunology, metabolism, and multiOMICs. Using these innovative approaches, his team intends to discover the next generation of cancer immunotherapies that will aid the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers.

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